5 Weird Ways To Meet BBW Girls

People meet their partners in the strangest of places. While we usually think that people meet in bars, clubs or online, it’s not necessarily always true. Whether you’re looking for short term or long term, you can find BBW ladies in some of the strangest places out there.

Niche activity meet-ups

Ever wanted to play the accordion? Maybe you want to learn to speak to Klingon? Maybe there’s an online game you’re really into?

Well, because BBW ladies tend to have out-going personalities, a lot of them can get heavily invested in certain niches. BBW girls can be found in a lot of pop culture-specific areas of fandom out there, like Harry Potter, World of Warcraft or Star Wars. If any of these sound like they’re up your alley, consider joining a community in your area where these things are discussed. Then, when there’s meet-ups happening, head down to them to meet the BBW lady of your dreams.

A friend’s workplace party

If you’re looking to meet BBW girls who you can strike up easy conversation with, head out to a work’s party of a friend’s company. Offices across the world are full of curvy women in the same situation as you, and you will immediately have something in common with them: your mutual friend.

You can initiate conversation by asking them what your friend is like at work, and vice versa.

Volunteer work

Because a lot of BBW women are good-natured at heart, they often lend their skills to local volunteer organizations and charities. Even if it’s just once a month, offer to sort through unwanted clothes at your local kids charity or help run a stall at a fund-raising festival in your area. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people you can meet.

The dog park

The good-hearted nature of BBW females means they’re usually suckers for a cute animal. If you have a dog, then you have the perfect reason to strike up conversation with a fellow dog-loving curvy girl. Don’t be too forward with it, just make polite conversation as you pass her by, then ‘bump into her’ again the same day. This way, you can let the conversation flow naturally between you both.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you can head there under the guise of going for a run or just enjoying the scenery.

Local attractions and themed events

If you’ve ever been on a ghost walk or a murder mystery walk, you’ll know that these experiences create a great bond between your whole group – usually a bunch of strangers.

Local themed events like haunted walks through infamous locations can be a great way to meet BBW ladies. A lot of curvy women have the kind of personality which finds this kind of stuff exhilarating, so getting involved in anything haunted, spooky or paranormal can provide fantastic results.

Furthermore, it’s also a pretty unique experience, so it will create a great bond between you and your curvy lady of choice during the event. Then, when it’s all over, asking her out will be simple.

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