How to Get Started in Filmmaking

5.) Contact Studios or Companies that Interest You

If you have already studied up on all the companies and studios in your area, make yourself a little list of the ones that interest you the most and make sure to call their main production office . You will most likely be speaking with the Production Assistant on the phone. Ask said Production Assistant if there are any openings with the company right now and if you can send a resume. Just because a studio doesn’t list any job openings, this doesn’t mean these jobs don’t exist. A lot of studios and companies actually hire through word of mouth or through personal references, which is why pursuing these is always a good move.

4.) Applying To Jobs

Applying online for jobs, the production field takes a lot of time and dedication but the end result is always satisfying. When you are applying online, it best to seek out head hunting job site such as Craigslist, Indeed or Monster. As a matter of fact, Craigslist might just be the best bet for discovering small projects in your own area that are looking for short-term help. Job sites such as Indeed and Monster usually post long-term jobs, which are a little tougher to get but are more solidified and guaranteed.

3.) Networking Within the Industry

If you’re going to work in this industry, it’s advised that you work on your social skills. Networking is a crucial part of getting any sort of work, but this is especially crucial in the film world. Before you begin to network with people in the film industry, first try  getting out there and start talking to strangers. Attend any dinner parties, social events, gallery openings, or any other kind of event that requires you to  mingle with people that you don’t know. Just keep attending all of these events until you finally feel ready and you are used to talking with people you don’t know.

2.) Resume Building

Write in all your education, even the education you had if you had any after high school. If you have gone to film school, list the coursework and any particular projects that you worked on. List any experience in the industry. Make a column on your resume for “Industry Experience”. List every job you’ve had that relate to the film industry. These positions should jump out at any potential employer who reads your resume, so put this at the top. Reiterate on any specific projects you helped out on. Film production is about conducting the whole entire process of the film, from pre to post production. Any experience you might have had working with a major project will portray that you have the skills needed in order to work in film production.

1.) Create a Demo Reel

A demo reel is a short video portrait of projects you’ve worked on in the past. It is an basic way of to show off your skills to anyone who might be thinking about hiring you for a particular project. The ideal demo reel should be only about one or two minutes. While this might sound like a small amount of time, it’s only because you need to show that you have the ability to produce  a video that is brief and describes of your work within a short video pitch.

Below is a video that includes 10 tips for beginner filmmakers!