Top 5 Best Indie Films of 2017

5.) Kedi

The first timer in documentary making named Ceyda Torun really knows movie worthy talent when she sees it, and that is simply why her debut film, “Kedi,” is literally all about feline characters, a swarm of new stars who essentially leap out from the movie screen and right onto the laps of the audience. The filmmaker’s Oscilloscope-provided piece focuses mainly on the peculiar population of cats in Instanbul, which happens to be the filmmaker’s hometown. It is an old but everlasting city that brags about its plentiful amount very nice little street cats. This film is great for cat lovers and animal lovers worldwide!

4.) Raw

This French-Belgian indie premiere from filmmaker Julia Ducournau is a strange and intensely crazy coming-of-age tale that contains a hint of “Heathers” while carrying the brutalities of “Dogtooth.” The storyline only scratches the surface of its weird plotline: A young lady joins her sister at a gigantic veterinarian college campus, where she’s faced with a series of embarrassing hazing rituals and finds out that she has an overwhelming taste for human flesh. Ducournau’s historic first film debut takes its creepy logic face to face, creating an astonishing look at the adventures of a young woman waking up to her desires in a setting full of sheer uniqueness.

3.) The Big Sick

The primary and real reason why this true life romcom is so good is that it is original. Nobody could make up this true but strange culture-clashing story, which is written about life by “Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani along with his wife and co-producer Emily Gordon. Gordon’s character falls into a deep romance with Nanjiani before she is rushed to the hospital with an illness that no one can put a name on, and she is then put into a coma. Producer Judd Apatow developed the idea for “The Big Sick” within a period of four years, trying really hard to perfect and tighten the script, to find the right cast, from Ray Romano to Oscar-winner Holly Hunter, and to make sure the jokes sat well.

2.) Get Out

The latest Academy member Jordan Peele’s 4.5 million dollar horror comedy about suburbia like we’ve never known it before, featuring Allison Williams who is the star of “Girls” and introducing new actor Daniel Kaluuya, is the sleeper hit film of the 2017. Writer and director Peele, pulled the funniness out of racist by leaning more into his inspirations, “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Stepford Wives,” and “Scream.” The film is a satirical romantic comedy thriller, and is about a girl who brings her black boyfriend home to meet the parents to which the couple regrets immediately…

1.) A Ghost Story

Starring Casey Affleck, this is a funny lo-fi portrayal of a man who passes away in a car accident and then spends the rest of his afterlife visiting the house that he once shared with his beautiful wife. “A Ghost Story” is probably the furthest thing from a throwaway project between friends, as it was the director’s follow up to Pete’s Dragon. Not knowing if it would make anything in the box office, the director was surprised to see that it was reviewed as an unforgettable discovery of time, change, and every little thing that is featured in our time on Earth. This lovely tearjerker  is one of the greatest and most memorable films of 2017 and any other year.

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